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Amrik Aidan

Founder & President

Mr. Amrik Aidan opened Aidhan Logistics in 2016 at 304, S.Jones Blvd, Suite # 181, Las Vegas, NV. Since that time, with the help of a dedicated staff Jc Aidan has been able to grow the company into one of the most reliable trucking companies all over the United States. He has been involved in the trucking industry his entire life. For almost 30 years, members of his family have operated fleets including Aidhan Logistics.

Amrik has done an excellent job servicing my company with shipments from our suppliers. I can not think of a better Logistics support & service than his company, Aidhan Logistics. They have great flexibility and adaptability as our shipments are sometimes expedited and delivery points may have to be changed inroute. From the office to the drivers, he and his team are simply the best!

Bob Johnson Shipping Manager


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Heavy Hauling

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